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Communications Site Leases

Communications carriers need fair, long term leases and easements for their network facilities. Property owners have legitimate concerns that need to be included in the site agreements. We have handled thousands of communications site leases since 1986, and we have the depth of experience and diplomacy to negotiate the right balance between the landlord’s and tenant’s needs.

Land Use

Many land use applications for communications sites are complicated, or are contested by residents in the local community. Carriers and their consultants usually can determine in advance which applications should be supported by experienced land use counsel. We understand how the Telecommunications Act of 1996 affects state and local land use laws, and can help carriers and their consultants prepare the applications and at public hearings.

Retail and Office Leases

The communications industry has a substantial presence in retail shopping centers and strip malls. The leases for retail and office space must grant the tenant all of the rights that allow it to carry out its retail marketing and promotion strategies. Office leases also must reflect the industry’s computer, communications, and hours of operation needs. We have negotiated a wide variety of communications commercial space leases over the past 30 years.

Franchise and Right of Way Agreements

Communications companies have special rights under federal and state law to access the public right of way and investor-owned utility infrastructure. We have negotiated agreements with numerous local jurisdictions and utilities for access to the right of way and utility towers and poles.

Dispute Resolution – Landlord/Tenant and Access Rights

Since communications networks are constantly changing, upgrading and expanding, carriers are continually managing the site. From time to time, the landlord and tenant need to resolve differences in opinion about the leasehold and access easement rights. We have extensive experience with helping carriers continue their good relationships with their landlords and easement owners.

Federal and State Regulatory Compliance

Communications companies are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and a variety of state and local agencies with their operations and network deployment efforts. We regularly counsel communications companies on how to remain in compliance with these regulations.



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